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About Me

About Danielly

Certified through NASM, I specialize in training people of all levels and inspire them to maximize their fitness, health and well-being. Whether just a beginner, or looking to master powerlifting, I can help you achieve your specific goals.
Fitness is my passion and I am part of the powerlifting team Ikaika, having mastered powerlifting training techniques.

Additionally, I was voted in the top 3 trainers in Sonoma in the 2018 People’s Choice Awards.

Through strength-training, balance work, and weight-loss coaching, together we can reach your wellness goals. 

Let’s work-out together!


Growing up in Brazil, I was an active and athletic person until immigrating to the US. Being new to this country and without a network of family and friends, I used food to comfort my emotions. Not being the type to “hit the gym”, I quickly gained 45 pounds and my cholesterol soared.

I tried losing weight through every diet book I could find, never finishing any. I took diet pills, always looked for weight-loss short-cuts, but mostly felt anxious and depressed.

After lazing on the couch, feeling sluggish and defeated, I decided it was enough. I finally got serious about my health and well-being, and started to slowly see the results of my new dedication. I moved on to become a certified trainer, studied nutrition, and today fitness and eating well are my life’s passions.

Through my own journey, I have developed fitness plans to help others, at any level.

I work with each client’s basis and expectations, coming to them with my fitness van complete with everything needed for a proper and effective work-out. 

Don’t be afraid to make that first step. We will have fun together. 
Let’s work-out!

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Danielly Rocha is a certified trainer living in Sonoma, California.

If there’s no pain, there is no gain. Let’s workout!